‘As a first-time writer, I was nervous about the editorial process and what an editor would think of what I’d produced, but Gráinne was so positive, supportive and reassuring. Gráinne’s suggestions and ideas not only ensured our book was the best it could be but showed that she took a real, genuine interest in the contents of the manuscript. I would jump at the chance to work with Gráinne again. Her commitment is outstanding, and I know I’m a better writer as a result of what I’ve learnt from her.’
Stuart Pryke
Co-author with Amy Staniforth of Ready to Teach: Macbeth, John Catt Educational, 2020 and Ready to Teach: A Christmas Carol, 2022
‘Gráinne was an absolute joy to work with. She guided me seamlessly through the process of editing my first book, acting constantly as a reassuring critical friend and providing brilliant timely feedback, suggestions and ideas about how we could work collaboratively to improve the book. Not only that, but her care and attention to the specific content and topic of the book made sure that it is the very best version of itself it could be. I would love to work with Gráinne again on future projects, knowing that my work was in the very safest pair of hands.’
Amy Staniforth
Co-author with Stuart Pryke of Ready to Teach: Macbeth, John Catt Educational, 2020 and Ready to Teach: A Christmas Carol, 2022
‘It was a pleasure to work with Gráinne, who is an absolute expert in her field. I not only ended up with a grammatically correct, flawlessly spelt manuscript, I learnt some things about spelling, punctuation and grammar that I did not know and I am an English teacher!’
John Tomsett
Co-author with Jonny Uttley of Putting Staff First: A blueprint for revitalising our schools, John Catt Educational, 2020
‘Gráinne is a fantastic proofreader with a forensic eye for detail. As important, she takes a real interest in what she is reading and has a genuine desire to help make authors’ work better. Her suggestions are clear, constructive and helpful. I can’t recommend her highly enough.’
Bruce Robertson
Author of The Teaching Delusion, John Catt Educational, 2020 (and its sequels, 2022) and Power Up Your Pedagogy , 2023.
‘I am deeply impressed by Gráinne’s work. What particularly impresses me is that she seems not just to be doing a trade, but is also very committed. I learn a lot from her explanations, questions and comments, especially the nuances of English words. I am really looking forward to our ongoing cooperation! It fits wonderfully.’
Dr Regina Polak
Associate Professor at the Department of Practical Theology, University of Vienna, Austria, and Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office on Combating Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination, also focusing on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians and Members of Other Religions
‘Gráinne’s proofreading skills greatly enhanced the presentation of my book, Catholic Primary Education in a Pluralist Environment. I would recommend her very highly as she is meticulous in her attention to detail and exceptionally easy to work with.’
Anne Hession
Author of Catholic Primary Education in a Pluralist Environment, Veritas, 2015, and Lecturer in Religious Education at St Patrick’s College, DCU
‘Dr Gráinne Treanor is simply outstanding at proofreading and editing. I do not believe that anyone could do this work better and I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation to students and scholars.’
Dr Kevin Williams
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection, Dublin City University
As an international graduate student, I was very worried in writing a whole PhD thesis in English, as it is not my first language! My thesis was extremely detailed and substantive with heavy theoretical chapters. Gráinne helped me a lot to improve my writing with her proofreading and editing services. She helped me to present and discuss my research data in a clear and concise way. She was very attentive to finer details of my writing. She also reviewed all my spelling, grammar and punctuation and checked that my thesis complied with the APA Formatting and Style Guide. Gráinne was very motivated and interested in reading my work. She was such a positive and competent person who supported and encouraged me in the writing process of my thesis. Her help was very important for my achievement!’
Dr Fabiola Honorio Neto
University College Dublin School of Medicine and Medical Science and School of Psychology; Psychology Lecturer in St Nicholas Montessori College
‘As any doctoral student will tell you, time is a valuable commodity, even more so when working and studying simultaneously. Towards the the end of the journey, when a student’s enthusiasm is waning and attention to detail may be questionable, this is when you need to consider using Gráinne’s services. The professional and personable service Gráinne afforded me relieved much of my last-minute angst prior to submission. Her systematic and thorough approach to all aspects of my thesis resulted in a more coherent and well-presented final piece of work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gráinne and would go as far as saying contact me too if you wish to discuss further.’
Dr Finbarr Murphy
EdD, University of Sheffield, Director of Education & Professional Development with the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland
‘Gráinne was recommended to me by a friend who said that “getting Gráinne to proofread your thesis will be the best money you spend on your doctorate”. My friend was right!!! Getting Gráinne to proofread my work was a godsend. After the long slog of writing up a 60,000-word thesis, it was such a relief at the very end to hand it over to fresh eyes for proofreading. It gave me some free time to clear my head and I felt more confident submitting my thesis knowing that it had been professionally proofread by Gráinne. The whole process was very easy and Gráinne was lovely to deal with. She is friendly, professional and efficient and I would highly recommend her services.’
Maria Mc Mahon
EdD student, University of Lincoln
‘There are excellent proofreaders and editors and then there are outstanding proofreaders and editors. Having employed the services of Dr Gráinne Treanor in the recent past, I have no reservation in stating that the work of Dr Treanor can clearly be categorised as the latter. I offer as an example my latest book, Openness with Roots: Education in Religion in Irish Primary Schools (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014).

‘This hardback academic work required not only proofreading and editing but also great skill in terms of format and structure. Dr Treanor’s attention to detail, her care of my work, her ability, her patience and her very significant skill at every level were remarkable. At times, I relied on her to communicate with Cambridge Scholars Publishing on my behalf, where it was evident to me and to the publishing company that they were dealing with an exceptional professional.

‘Dr Treanor also made a number of suggestions to me as to how I might improve the quality of my style of writing. She took the trouble to check my research, where relevant, and she offered advice beyond the remit of what I would have expected. I should also add that this particular book was launched by the then Minister for Education and Skills in Ireland, Mr Ruairi Quinn. At the launch, Mr Quinn not only launched the book with the usual critique expected, but also remarked very positively on its layout and structure, including the fact that he could not find even one typographical error.

‘I have strongly recommended Dr Treanor to a number of my academic colleagues and indeed to non-academic writers as well. I take great satisfaction in knowing that, should I publish again, I need never search for another proofreader/copyeditor. If Dr Treanor is busy, any future publications I may have will be suspended until she is available.’
Dr Caroline Renehan
Former Head of Religious Education, St Patrick’s College, DCU and author of Openness with Roots: Education in Religion in Irish Primary Schools, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014