Who I work with


I work with publishers at various stages of the publishing process. This may involve collaboration with authors; copyediting using tags/codes in preparation for the typesetting and/or design stage; proofreading using BSI symbols for mark-up on hard copy; proofreading using PDF mark-up tools; collation and correction; reviewing of proofreaders’ mark-up; and final review/approval. Publishers I have worked with include Colourpoint Educational, Edco, Redemptorist Publications (books and magazine-style publications), John Catt Educational and Gill Books.

Work I have completed for publishers over the past few years includes copyediting and/or proofreading of the following: Jim McManus and Bill Horton, Talking about Jesus, Redemptorist Publications, 2020; Bruce Robertson, The Teaching Delusion: Why teaching in our schools isn’t good enough (and how we can make it better), John Catt Educational, 2020 (and two sequels in 2022); John Tomsett and Jonny Uttley, Putting Staff First: A blueprint for revitalising our schools, John Catt Educational, 2020; Graham Ramsden, The Bully in the Greenhouse: Exploring why children bully others and what schools can do about it, John Catt Educational, 2020; Haili Hughes, Preserving Positivity: Choosing to stay in the classroom and banishing a negative mindset, John Catt Educational, 2020; Theresa Heffernan, Revisewise Science (Junior Cycle), Edco, 2020; Stuart Pryke and Amy Staniforth, Ready to Teach: Macbeth, John Catt Educational, 2020 (and Ready to Teach: A Christmas Carol, 2022); David Hare, The Great Lighthouses of Ireland, Gill Books, 2022; Jackie Day and Marlynne Grant, Faith in Phonics (set one), Redemptorist Publications, 2022; Bruce Robertson, Power Up Your Pedagogy, John Catt Educational, 2023; Roy Blatchford, The A–Z of Great Classrooms, John Catt Educational, 2023; Colman Noctor, The 4–7 Zone, Gill Books, 2023; and Elaine Harris, Wise: Finding meaning, purpose and inner power in midlife, Gill Books, 2023. I have worked on several textbooks for Irish educational publishers in formats ranging from workbook to hard copy to e-book.

I occasionally write short pieces for publishers, including pastoral resources published by Redemptorist Publications (e.g. Sunday Plus and Advent Extra reflections).


I work with authors in the later stages of their writing, when they are ready to have their work copyedited or proofread. Some authors are preparing to self-publish, while others already have an agreement with a publisher. I assess the work to determine the level of editing or proofreading required and spend some time discussing plans and expectations with the author. Sometimes I do a short sample edit to show the author how I can bring their work to a publishable standard. I do not offer complete book production services, focussing instead on editing and proofreading.

Where authors are working with a publisher, I apply that publisher’s style to the editing and/or proofreading. Where an author has no guidance, I discuss matters of style with them and prepare a style sheet for the work.

Authors I have worked with include academics who have a publishing agreement but need to polish their work and apply a publisher’s required style. Some of these academics may be the named editor(s) of a collaborative book involving several authors, often from different parts of the world. Books I have worked on in this way include Research and Evaluation in Community, Health and Social Care Settings: Experiences from Practice, 1st edition, edited by Suzanne Guerin, Nóirín Hayes and Sinéad McNally, Routledge, 2017, and Re/Assembling the Pregnant and Parenting Teenager: Narratives from the Field(s), edited by Annelies Kamp and Majella McSharry, Peter Lang, 2018.

Authors for whom English is not a
first language

In this work I pay significant attention to nuances of language that may be missed by those for whom English is not their first language. This is often about finding the ‘right’ way to say something in English, which requires more than a dictionary or online translation service. It also involves identifying and communicating the intended meaning of the writer when language makes that difficult. This type of work requires patience and empathy, and I find it rewarding when an author’s ideas begin to emerge more clearly during editing.


I work with several organisations who produce a variety of printed and/or online written resources and reports. These include:
– Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiative (TWCDI), for example, manuals and teaching resources on restorative practices, reports on TWCDI ititiatives/research, including housing in Tallaght West, Doodle Families and the InBetweeners project
– Léargas (Eurodesk website and newsletters)


I proofread theses/dissertations for postgraduate students subject to the rules of their educational institution. My subject areas for such work include the humanities, education, religion, nursing, psychology, theology and ethics.


I offer a more tailored service for clients who may not fit into the above categories, including businesses, schools, charities, clubs and event organisers.